Colum Cille Pipes and Drums in Braintree 2016
Colum Cille Band members preparing to step off in the sweltering heat prior to the Braintree 4th of July parade in 2016.

Band Roster

Board of Directors

President: Chris McConaughey
Vice President: Sarah Howell
Secretary: Mike Morris
Treasurer: Beth Butts
Quartermaster: Len Pinaud


Instructor: Davy Methven
Pipe Major: Beth Butts
Pipe Sergeant: Chris McConaughey

Dave Cameron
Kerry Cutler
Bruce Hutchings
Matteo La Rosa
Jonah Burke
Mike Morris
Frank Pulsifer
David Smith
Len Pinaud (pipes/snare/bass)
Kerry Kenneally (student)


Instructor: Katie Zanello (snare)
Drum Sergeant: Paulie Burke (snare)

Christopher Aguiar (snare/bass)
Andy Esborn (snare/bass)
Cam Howell (snare)
Kyle Nordahl (Drum Major/snare/bass)
Ana Burke (tenor)
Kim La Rosa (tenor)
Mackenzie Moynihan (bass)
Donna Madonia (student)